Amendment in GST Registration?

After filling or making GST registration certificate amendments or changes can be made in GST registration as and when need arise. However, one must know in advance that changes in GST are categories into two different categories
  • First category refers as Core Field changes which comprises changes in Name of Business, change in principle name of Business, changes in additional place of business and addition or deletion in the person list of the business.
  • Second category as Non-core field changes, all the fields other than core will be termed as non-core field. Note- non amendable field change in pan , change in the principle place of business from one state to another stateetc will be consider as non-amendable fees and it will lead to issue of new GST registration certificate.
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Which Fields are classified as core field for GST registration?

Core fields comparises following list
  • Change in the name of the business without change in PAN.
  • Addition or Deletion in the list of stakeholder list.
  • Change in the “Principle place of Business”.
  • Change in the Additional place of business.
Who can file application for amendment of GST certificate?
  • Any taxpayer of following category, registered under GST, can file Application for Amendment of Registration
  • New Registrants & Normal Taxpayers.
  • TDS/ TCS Registrants, UN Bodies, Embassies & Other Notified person having UIN.
  • Non Resident Taxable Person.
  • GST Practitioner.
  • Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Service Provider.

What are the non-amendable fields of GST certificate?

Fields which are non-amendable in GST are:-
  • Change in PAN.
  • Change in the Principle of business from one state to another.
  • Change in the Additional place of Business from one state to another.
  • Change in constitution of business which will lead to change of PAN.
What is the time limit for making changes in GST certificate?
  • In caseof requirement of any modification in the GST registration, a taxpayer needs to submit the application with required documents for amendments on GST portal within 15 days.
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